Jiangsu Yawei Transformer Co., Ltd. is a large and medium-sized transformer enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of transformers such as main transformers, new energy transformers, American transformers, oil transformers, and dry transformers; In addition, the company is equipped with a series of supply chains required for the production of transformers, and has established four branches including Nantong Baiwei, Nantong Baite, Nantong Zhihe, and Jiangsu Yawei Special Transformers.

Adhering to the business model of "quality first, standardized management, and courage to explore", Yawei continuously strives for excellence;



These are some excellent examples of our company

Jiangsu Qingfeng Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Congo Gold Wet Process Project

The product line includes AC home and commercial chargers, charging connectors, and charging adapters, which are compatible with national standards, European standards, and American standards, and possess core R&D capabilities in intelligent control, IoT, and high-power customization. The company aims to provide intelligent and safe charging equipment to global customers, and to support the widespread adoption and development of new energy vehicles by providing hardware solutions for platforms, users, and data operation service providers, contributing to the grand vision of “promoting the world’s transition to a comprehensive electric era”. To meet the strong demand in the current AC charging station market, the company has developed multiple mass-production-ready charging station products that have obtained certifications from professional organizations. These products are designed to cater to different needs, user groups, and regions in different countries, with distinct appearance styles and usage requirements, covering national standards, European standards, and American standards. They have been widely applied in electric buses, passenger vehicles, medium and heavy-duty trucks, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, mining trucks, and other new energy vehicles, effectively addressing the drawbacks of different standards in different countries. The core technical members of the team all hail from the Super Technology R&D Center. Relying on...


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